In service of the devil

Place the Sweet Defeat Beneath My Feet - MC, MMXI (listen)
Religious Ecstasy - MC, MMXII (listen)
Constructing the Shrine of Inner Defilement (collaboration with Abismo) - MC, MMXII (listen)
De eeuwige vrede / Het eeuwige vuur - MC, MMXIII (listen)

Compilation appearances:
"Begeerlijkheid (Over het uitvoeren van Zijn wil)" on Dutch Darkness: Selected Works From The Dark & Disorderly - Digital, MMX
"Let My Hatred Not Go in Vain" on Audio Assault: Part 1 - Digital, MMXII
"His Eternity" on Connection Cassette Compilation #2 - MC, MMXII
"Amonkunde" on The East Orange Ripper - CDR, MMXII

Noisecore (live collaboration with Abismo) - 19th of November MMXI at Willemeen, Arnhem (flyer)
Hysteryland I - 10th of October MMXII at Y keuken / NDSM Werf, Amsterdam(flyer)
Tapetreff - 22nd of February MMXIII at TAPE Bar, Arnhem (flyer)
The Noise of Holland #4 - 12th of December MMXIV at Hall of Fame, Tilburg (flyer)